In Development


Stasis is a series of large-format data portraits created by artist Kenneth Lambert. 


The video work comprises disintegrated digital material derived from the sound and vision of 12 interview subjects. It features the stories of underrepresented refugee youths living in Australia who have experienced mental and physical trauma, incarceration, torture, being socially disadvantaged and geographically displaced. 


The artistic intent is to generate a unique to convey deep resonance by utilising technology as a principle storytelling vehicle to illuminate the human condition. At the intersection of data technology, film and art installation, Stasis’ innovative approach is a new form of storytelling presented as an art form.

For this project, the artist has collaborated with STARTTS, supported by Amnesty International and UNCHR. Organisations recognised as experts in supporting refugees who have experienced mental and physical trauma. STARTTS specific clinical experience in this field and physical locations across metropolitan and regional NSW create a strong foundation for the project to ensure the participants are representative of the broader NSW geographic area. STARTTS professional mental health support services will also create a solid foundation for the artist to navigate this area with sensitivity and integrity.


The artist intends to present the work within a large scale space to create a sense of gravitas and immersion. Stasis will be delivered in 6K resolution with 5.1 sound resulting in an immersive and dramatic cinematic experience. 

“The subjects’ stories echo my own experience, born in South Africa into apartheid, migrating to Australia in 1982 and settling in the western suburbs. Entering adulthood is a vulnerable time for many young people, and typically, there is growing anxiety around identity and the future. By showcasing these universal stories, we create the opportunity to shift perceptions, create positive change and promote tolerance within our society.  


Kenneth Lambert


“Working with this subject matter requires sensitivity, which the artist has demonstrated to date. We are actively in the process of working towards realising this project in collaboration with the artist. We see great value for these stories to be shared and in turn, enrich our society. Our mutual objective is to help those who have endured inhuman treatment at the hands of external forces. We feel this project is essential not only as an art piece but also to those who participate in this project who will benefit from having their story witnessed.”  


Mariano Coello

Clinical Services & Research Coordinator