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Guided by Machines
2022 Experimental drawing project: Automatism, sonic resonance and the expanded field.


Drawing is the process of defining space through vertices and points. It is predominately a visual medium that relies on the viewer's lived experience to create context.

The term 'expanded field' was devised in 1946 by artist Robert Morris and pertained to three-dimensional practices that stretched beyond the 'white cube' gallery framework. 

Through digital technology, I seek to explore the opportunities at the intersection of physical and digital processes to achieve the sublime, the intangible, the surprising, and the metaphysical. 

'Guided by Machines'  is an interrelated digital and physical drawing process devised to explore 'the expanded field'.
The process can involve converging automated sketches created by the artist's hand with audio data, influencing computer-generated particle systems. The result is evocative time-based data fields manually transcribed onto paper, hence the title 'Guided by Machines'. The work is a part of ongoing research to explore the intersections between digital and physical methodology and practice.

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