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Articulate Project Space


Installation description: 6 suspended Mylar wrapped over Aluminum frames finished polyurethane metallic spray paints.

Installation Dimensions 2400mm x 15000 mm

Individual Panel Dimensions: 1830mm x1030mm

Small Works

Dimensions: 550mm x 550 mm

Variations: Gold, Red and Blue.

Mylar wrapped over Aluminum frame 

finished polyurethane metallic spray paints.





The endless circulation of data and e-information that now travels in and around everyday existence, like an unabating convergence of starlings blotting out a Roman sunset, is not a subject one tends to frequently consider. Text, images and code fracture before committing to an imperceptible journey and only at their destination do the fragments rearrange themselves into their original forms. This is referred to as de-interlacing. 


De-interlaced is a response by artist Kenneth Lambert to this series of seemingly simple events, taking the form of a multi-panel installation, that examines the commonality between the artistic process of conceptualisation, scrutiny and final outcome and the way in which data behaves in transit. Lambert has created six containers of technological uncertainty that, while imposing due to their size and solitary, almost detached nature, cannot help but invite curious investigation by the viewer.  


As physical objects the installation embodies the sense of the de-interlaced. The outer layer exposed to the viewer is constructed of Mylar, a material commonly utilised when packaging electronic consumer products, while the interior is never revealed. In this sense the object itself and the viewer experience life in a middle ground of sorts, between conceptualisation and active use, both informed of a soon to be functional existence yet unaware of exactly what that existence may entail. Each seems as if it were simply opened whatever is contained would be immediately put to use. 


Through slight visual cues Lambert dares each individual object to reveal a greater purpose, almost breathing life into dormant sentinels. Distinct colours are used to reference specific areas of research in which new media technologies have had a significant impact on the contemporary human psyche; personal identity, social interaction, cultural identity, environmentalism, political preference and spirituality. The de-interlacing of information suggests that increasingly digital selves made up of these varying aspects are perpetually swirling around the world we know, a tempest of our own and our peers’ personalities supposedly laid bare and immediately reachable yet still invisible, like each reflective techno-monolith Lambert presents.  


In De-interlaced microscopic voyages of fantastic proportions are revealed and through an attentiveness to human relationships with current technologies the artist transmutes this surging swarm of unobserved digital intelligence into tangible reflections of the intricacies of our own modern-day identities. Despite an impenetrable aloofness conveyed by the physical structures Lambert somehow pierces the skin to release a clearer picture of what the contents may become when data adrift reaches a terminus. 



Sotiris Sotiriou 

Gallerist and Curator


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